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Winter Is Coming! Here’s How You Can Set up Your Thermostat in the Cooler Days

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Winter Is Coming! Here’s How You Can Set up Your Thermostat in the Cooler Days

When the winters are in full swing, there’s hardly a minute we want to spend sans the heater. We want to wake up in a toasty room, and we want to come back from work to a house that is the best kind of warm.

To achieve this comfort, most of us do not turn off our heating system at all. Even when there is no one at home, and even when we are so deep in our comforter that we are practically sweating at night, the heater keeps running.

Not only does this waste energy, but it also causes discomfort. To avoid both, here’s how you can set your thermostat in the cooler days:


Before we begin, know that the perfect temperature is different for different people. Deciding the most comfortable temperature in the winters might take some time. Here are some factors that will help you find your perfect temperature in winters:

  • Your routine plays a significant part in helping you decide the right temperature in the winter. If you work from home, then you can set the same temperature for the whole day. However, if you leave for work in the daytime, then keeping the house warm is useless— not to mention wasteful and costly. Based on your schedule, set the temperature. Lower it by 4-5 degrees Fahrenheit than your average temperature when you are away.
  • Your sleeping habits also play a role in figuring out the right temperature. If you like to sleep under layers of comforters, then it would be better to set the temperature slightly lower than what you want during the day. You can leave the same temperature as daytime if you don’t like to hide under the blankets.  
  • Lastly, the temperature of the room depends on personal preference. 

The generally recommended thermostat setting in the winter includes:

  • At daytime with people at home: 68֯ F-72֯ F
  • At daytime with no one at home: 62 F - 66֯ F
  • At nighttime when you’re sleeping: 62 F - 66֯ F

The lower the temperature, the lesser the energy bill. However, do not end up suffering from cold to achieve that. Instead, ease into the winters slowly to start saving. During the initial days of the winter season, set the temperature as high as you want. Few weeks into winter and your body will adapt to the cold winds.

This is the best time to reduce the temperature by one degree, or you’ll find yourself sweltering. You can reduce another degree the next week and another the next.

With this slow and gradual change, you won’t feel anything.

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