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Why Is It Important to Service Your Furnace and Boiler Every Year?

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Why Is It Important to Service Your Furnace and Boiler Every Year

You may have heard people asking you to consider furnace and boiler tune-up at least once a year. You may also be getting tons of emails from various heating and cooling companies to do the same.

And you may have wondered why it is so important? Well, there are many good reasons. Some of them are discussed here. Have a look!

1. Ensures Safety of You and Your Family

To function well, furnaces burn fuel and thereby produce heat. The burning of the fuel, also known as the combustion process, should be accurate; otherwise, the system may not work correctly.

Hence, one needs to make sure that there is no problem with the system. Even a tiny problem such as cracks and leaks in the system can lead to more significant issues like gas leaking into your home.

2. Guarantees Proper Airflow

A restrained airflow affects the proper operation of the furnace. This often causes more damage to the system, leading to increased repairs in a short period.

An experienced technician will inspect the airflow, which will ultimately ensure the proper airflow. In this way, there will be less strain on the furnace, encouraging it to function for an extended period.

3. Reduces Additional Repairs

An annual furnace and boiler tune-up lead to an efficient running of your heating and cooling system. How?

Well, during the inspection, the technician thoroughly cleans both the furnace and boiler. Plus, he prevents minor problems from turning into bigger ones by repairing them. Your system is well-maintained, lowering the chances of getting additional repairs.

4. Improves Energy Efficiency

The furnace tune-up involves cleaning and an in-depth inspection of the furnace burner and heat exchanger.

This ensures the safe operation of the system and makes sure that your furnace functions efficiently. Bonus: a lower heating cost!

5. Saves Time

It is so much better to have a furnace tune-up beforehand so that no problem occurs when you want to use it.

It will waste a lot of your time waiting for the technician if the system stops working during use.

If you want to service your boiler and furnace today, dial us at (718) 509 5848.

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