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What Is the Ideal Temperature for Each Room in Your House in winters

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What Is the Ideal Temperature for Each Room in Your House in winters

When it comes to extreme weather, energy bills are bound to skyrocket. The reason is the lack of proper management and setting of temperature in the house.

Here’s a guide for you to maintain the ideal temperature in different parts of the house:


The temperature in the bedroom needs to be just right. If it is too high or too low, it will affect the quality of your sleep, and you’ll find yourself waking up in the middle of the night.

If the room is well ventilated and you have a high-end duvet, then 16° C is more than enough. The temperature of the room should not exceed more than 17° C.

Exceptions should be made for babies and toddlers, as the temperature should be kept a little higher than 17° C.

If you end up getting cold in the middle of the night, feed your programmable thermostat to increase the temperature at some point in the night so it doesn’t disturb your sleep.


Regardless of how much energy you need to save, the bathroom needs to be warm and toasty in the winters to avoid getting cold after a hot shower.

Then again, the bathroom is not always in use. The best way to deal with this situation is to set up the programmable thermostat to only heats the bathroom when necessary and bring it to just the right temperature.

Without using a programmable thermostat, the energy consumption in the bathroom is likely to skyrocket in the winters for trying to make it as warm as possible.


The ideal temperature for living rooms in winters is 19° C and not more. However, it can vary based on the use of the room by an individual. Some people hardly spend their time in the living room; others camp in the living room and only go to sleep in the bedroom.

It can be adjusted based on personal preferences, or the programmable thermostat can be used to switch the temperature from high to low with HVAC in the house, you are sure to suffer from high energy bills.

When you try to save on the energy bill, you’ll end up suffering from excessive heat or cold. The best way to find a middle ground is to invest in programmable thermostats and enjoy the best of both worlds.

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