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Ways to Lower Your AC Bills This Summer

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Ways to Lower Your AC Bills This Summer

As summers draw near, you may be worried about your electricity bills. During the hot weather, your air conditioning system must work harder and longer to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. As a result, your electricity consumption increases.

We have some valuable tips for you to run your AC without worrying about electricity bills.

Seal the Windows

Cool air can leak if windows aren’t sealed properly. Consequently, your AC unit won’t be able to maintain a low temperature indoors. So, properly seal windows at the earliest to reduce workload from the cooling system and cut down on energy costs.

Get a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan circulates cool air in the room and takes the burden off the AC unit. It’ll significantly lower your electricity bills. You can also use a pedestal fan instead of a ceiling fan.

Use a Dehumidifier

The higher the humidity levels, the more your AC system will have to work to reduce the indoor temperature. Get a dehumidifier that can effectively reduce the humidity level. It’ll maintain a comfortable temperature without significantly increasing electricity consumption.

Clean It Regularly

Dirt and debris accumulate in filers of air conditioning units. Not only does it reduce its efficiency, but it also leads to a rise in your electricity bills. It's recommended to clean the filters regularly and replace them every few months to increase the system's energy efficiency.

Don’t Forget AC Maintenance

Through annual maintenance, you can increase the lifespan of an air conditioning unit and lower its energy consumption by 5-10%. But as compared to taking the DIY route, it’s a better option to hire professionals for this purpose.

Avoid Indoor Cooking

Heat builds up when you cook food indoors. Therefore, your AC system will have to work harder to cool the space. Try to grill food outside or save the activity until dark when the temperature drops down.

Block Sun rays

The direct sunlight that enters through the windows increases the indoor temperature. Your cooling system will have to work for extended periods to maintain the desired temperature.

If you want to lower your AC costs, you should block the sunlight. Close window blinds or cover windows with thick curtains. Also, insulate the attic to reduce electricity consumption.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats help you adjust the indoor temperature when you're away. You can program it as per your routine to not waste energy while you aren't at home.

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