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Top 15 Favorite Places You Should Visit in Yonkers

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Yonkers is one of the best places to visit in New York. Established in the 17th century, Yonkers has evolved to become one of the finest tourist destinations in New York. Historically, the city has been a center of innovation and excellence. The first practical dynamo and the first working electrical engine were invented here. The city has been an educational and technological hub for centuries. The first elevator was invented in the town in 1853. Nowadays, you can enjoy all that history while touring around town or taking some time out on your own. No need to rush back into traffic once our day's errands are done because there isn't any other place like Yonkers. 

Yonkers is a hidden treasure located just 25 minutes outside New York City. You can enjoy the best museums, sights, and shopping in one place without having to do an extensive commute or spend hours commuting back into Manhattan after your day trip from Yonkers! There are so many great things about this city that it's impossible to list them here. Nevertheless, tourists should check out the top 15 favorite places below:

  1. Hudson River Museum 

Yonkers is home to one of New York City's most famous museums, The Hudson River Museum. It has a host of world-class galleries and collections conveniently located under one roof - not only featuring exhibits telling the story about Yonkers but also an outdoor amphitheater on-site with a planetarium available for guests' convenience!

  1. Ridge Hill 

Head to the Ridge Hill Mall in Yonkers when you need a break from your daily routine. The Ridge Hill Mall in Yonkers is the perfect spot to get your retail therapy fix. You'll find an open-air shopping and lifestyle center with ponds and fountains galore. With an open-air layout that makes you feel like you're walking through some modern town square, this mall has amenities for both shoppers and their children alike! There are restaurants on-site, so after hours spent shopping (or even during), come to find something delicious at one of these cafes before heading home. There are also plenty of benches for resting or enjoying lunch at one of its many restaurants before continuing the journey back home - but not if they have anything else going on first: Children will love playing inside LEGOLAND Discovery Center, where each ride represents another theme. 

  1. Tibbets Brooks Park 

Yonkers is home to Tibbetts Brook Park, one of the first parks in this great city. Opened back then when Yonkers was just a town without much going on, it has evolved into what you see today - an elegant green space full of life and activity! In addition to enjoying nature's beauty while taking part in some fun activities like hiking or fishing, there are also sports courts available so visitors can play their favorite game whenever they want. 

  1. Untermyer Gardens

Untermyer Gardens is a beautiful public garden that was once part of the private estate belonging to a prominent lawyer and civic leader, Samuels Untermeyer. The Walled Garden at its heart features an Indo-Persian-inspired Dinner Table surrounded by four quarters based on biblical descriptions in Genesis chapters two through five. After that, it encompasses Greek styles with dramatic sculptures overlooking manicured lawns leading up towards cliffs overlooking NY Harbor and three ponds symbolizing rivers that represent faithfulness among couples who marry there. 

  1. Hudson Amphitheater 

The Hudson Amphitheater is a special place in New York City. It has excellent views over the iconic river. Still, there are plenty of things to do at this venue whether you're looking for musical performances or something different like Shakespearian festivals!

  1. The Glenview Mansion

 Yonkers is a city known for its history, and the Glenview Mansion has some incredible stories to tell. This six-room home was built in 1900 by wealthy industrialist George Washburn Jr., who also happened to be one of New York's first mayors after it became an independent city!

The soon-to-open museum will take you through nine acres filled with fascinating exhibits on everything from architecture trends during this period up until now. There isn't anything else like them anywhere around here!

  1. The Science Barge

The Science Barge in Yonkers is a boat that floats on the picturesque Hudson River while also teaching you all about science. I can't think of anything better than learning with your child, so head there when they want an educational experience at school and outside!  

  1. iFly

At iFly, you'll be able to give yourself an adventure-filled experience that wouldn't have been possible otherwise. With their state-of-the-art facility and professional staff committed to providing excellent customer service for all guests – it's no wonder why so many people choose this location as one way they can feel free once again! 

  1. Philipse Manor Hall 

Yonkers is home to one of America's most impressive historical collections, The Philipse Manor Hall. With its beautiful old houses and architectural treasures like a Rococo-style 1750's paper Mache ceiling which can be found in just two other locations within our country - this museum has been operating since 1911! Today, you can take leisurely tours through these rooms, where each Portraiture masterpiece awaits your inspection. Infallible art pieces dating back centuries are showcased at Yonkins's state-protected manor hall; learn about how they've inspired Americans throughout time while also recognizing portrait photography as an essential aspect of telling personal stories through photos. 

  1. Empire City Casino 

The Empire City Casino is located 20 miles north of NYC's Times Square. The Yonkers Raceway, where fans can watch thrilling live harness horse racing on most days of the week and bet at slots from nearby casinos in addition to enjoying a range of foods such as those offered by Big Kitchen International Food Court or Chophouse with their delicious steaks if you are looking for more than just pizza!

  1. Sherwood House Museum

Sherwood House Museum, located in Yonkers, New York, is a historic house that has been preserved for future generations. This one-of-a-kind attraction includes many original features from the 18th century, including its barn, built initially before America's Revolutionary War began! The grounds also contain other items relating to early American life, such as tools used on farms during this time period and touchable artifacts depicting what it might have felt like inside homes where women did all sorts of tasks from cooking meals over open fires while their husbands worked away outside--alone!

  1. Decostas Restaurant 

The food at Decostas Restaurant is like no other, with dishes that Nuno and Pedro de Costa have personally selected. If you're looking for an authentic Italian dining experience, this restaurant will not disappoint!

  1. Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana 

Still family-owned and operated, the Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana chain started with one outlet in New Haven, CT. Today descendants of its founder still handcraft their pizza at Yonkers branch. You can enjoy an original thin crust pizza baked to perfection using a coal-fired brick oven built more than 95 years ago! For a trip down memory lane, try out Tomato Pie which translates as a "tomato-based" dish combining cheese garlic, olive oil, oregano & herb blend. 

  1. Lenoir Preserve 

Yonkers is a beautiful city with many historical sites to explore. One of my favorites, Lenoir Preserve Park, offers a fantastic walk through the old-growth forest, once used for one scene in the film Beautiful Mind! Visit the nearby Hudson River after your stroll on this path and see how much nature can change over time. You will learn all about America's environmental legacy from colonial times.

  1. Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research 

Yonkers still has its greenhouses, but they're not alone anymore. The Boyce Thompson Institute vacated their original location decades ago and left behind a lonely shell of buildings that now grow from within like plants themselves-leaves intertwined among vines crisp with autumn air rush between cracks in ceilings where sunlight shines brightly through thinning clouds on an otherwise dark day.

Yonkers is a city that has something for everyone. There isn't anything this destination lacks. Tourists can find world-class museums and great shopping opportunities besides the opportunity to dine in one of Yonkers' many restaurants! With easy access to public transportation, visitors can enjoy their trip without any hassle whatsoever. 

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