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Some Common Questions About Google Nest Thermostat Installation

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Some Common Questions About Google Nest Thermostat Installation

While Nest's thermostat may look like a regular programmable model, Nest is actually very different. Nest was designed by Tony Fadell and his team of engineers at Nest Labs. Tony Fadell founded Nest Labs with the mission "to create a conscious home."

The Nest Thermostat has been described as the iPod of home heating and cooling products. Nest is an intelligent thermostat that Nest Labs claims is 30% more energy-efficient than a standard programmable model heating and cooling system.

Can I install a Nest Thermostat Myself, or Do I Need a Professional Nest Thermostat Installer?

Nest thermostat installation is now a DIY project that anyone with minimal Nest experience can complete. The Nest smart thermostat has been designed for easy installation. It comes with complete instructions on how to hook it up to your existing HVAC system. However, suppose you are not sure about what wiring you need or about the compatibility of Nest with your current HVAC system. In that case, you should contact Nest professional Nest Thermostat installers.

Will Nest Thermostat work with my HVAC system?

Yes, Nest Thermostats are designed to work in 95% of homes in the US. Nest will support multiple heating and cooling systems (including window air conditioner units) via its Nest Pro compatibility tool available on the Nest website ( Nest will soon support HRVs and ERVs as Nest expands Nest Thermostats to more countries.

Does a Nest Thermostat Have a Battery?

Yes, Nest thermostats have a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The Nest thermostat only works if it's connected to power. Still, the Nest has 5 days worth of built-in backup power so that you don't lose your programming or Nest Leaf settings in case of a power outage. Nest stops drawing on this backup power after five days. Nest's backup power is supported by both a wall plug and an internal rechargeable battery.

How long do Nest Thermostat batteries last?

Nest Thermostats use AA batteries. According to Nest, Nest Thermostat batteries should last for one year if your HVAC system is not used very much during the day and more than 2 years if your HVAC system is frequently used in the day.

You can check Nest Nest Thermostat battery life by going to the Nest website or through your Nest app on your mobile phone. Your Nest thermostat will display a "Battery" indicator if it is running low on energy. If this happens, simply replace the batteries and you're good to go again.

How does Nest know you are not home?

Nest knows when your phone enters or leaves the Nest Thermostat's wifi network linked to your Nest account.

Nest looks at many signals – including Bluetooth or ZigBee third-party devices, your Nest history, and Nest Leaf. Nest also uses a proprietary test called Nest Signal to make its best guess about whether you're home or not. 

The Nest Thermostats that are installed in the US currently use a Network Time Protocol (NTP) connection to a trusted time server on the Internet. Nest Thermostats outside of the US (currently the UK and Canada only) use GPS for Nest Signal instead of NTP.

Does the Nest Thermostat have a camera?

Nest is working on a Nest Cam, Nest's cloud-powered home monitoring camera. Nest Cam will be sold separately and requires a separate Nest account sign-up. Currently, Nest Thermostats do not have cameras built-in.

Does Nest thermostat detect pets?

Yes. Nest Thermostat and Nest Protect can tell you when you leave your pet inside the house for too long. Nest will also send a notification to your smartphone that the Nest Protect smoke/CO alarm went off, which means something in your home is burning or giving off poisonous gas. Nest works with many common pet door brands (see Nest's Works with Nest page). Nest also has an optional pet-friendly door sensor that you can buy.

Does a Nest Thermostat Save Money?

Yes, Nest Thermostat will help you save on your Nest installation cost by using less energy to heat or cool your home. Nest Learning Thermostat also calculates how much energy it has saved and shares this information with you in the Nest app.

How Do I Use My Nest Thermostat Without Power?

You can still use Nest if your power goes out or you're working on a re-wire. Just set Nest to its C° mode (the little sun icon). Nest will remember the temp you've chosen and then apply it when power is back on. Nest will run down its battery a little faster in this mode, and you won't get weather updates. Several Nest owners have even suggested using Nest for emergency heating if your power goes out.

Do You Need an Electrician to Install a Nest Thermostat?

The Nest Learning Thermostat Installation is easier than you think. It's really easy to install Nest if you have experience doing basic home repairs and projects. Nest may be installed on any wall in your home. Nest is tool-free, so you don't need to mess with wires or a power drill. Nest has an integrated magnet for easy, secure mounting. Nest's built-in sensors detect when it's level and flush against the wall, so installation is simple and accurate. You can do it yourself, but Nest recommends that A Nest-Trained Pro installs Nest.

Does Nest Thermostat Have to be Hardwired?

Nest thermostat can be installed either hardwired or wirelessly. Nest is also available in a battery-powered model. Nest Thermostat can be powered by AC power (through an AC outlet) or by Nest Power Adapter (a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery). Nest thermostats are designed to run on any voltage from 110V to 240V. Nest thermostat installation is easy for both hardwired and wirelessly Nest thermostats. Nest thermostat has a built-in Nest Pro installer tool kit, which comes with a step-by-step Nest Thermostat installation guide.

Does the Nest Thermostat Require C Wire?

Nest does not require a C wire, which means it will still work effectively even if you use a Nest without a C wire. 

How Many Zones Can a Nest Thermostat Control?

Nest Thermostats can control up to 32 Zones if Nest is wired in through a 24-48VAC transformer. They should be wired together, and Nest's C wire should be connected to the same circuit as the other Nest devices.

If you are using Nest Thermostat with a Heat Pump or Gas Furnace, Nest Thermostat will only control Nest in Heat settings. Nest will not control Nest in Cooling, Auto, or Off modes.

Where Does Blue Wire Go on Nest Thermostat?

There are two wires that Nest does not use with the Nest thermostats that may be confusing to installers. The Blue and White wire pair are not used in Nest thermostat installations because Nest has no contact closure on the unit itself, so there is no way for it to communicate with the HVAC system outside of wifi. Nest thermostats only use the Red wire to control power in the Nest unit, and all other wires are not used.

Can Nest Thermostat Work Without wifi?

Nest thermostat can work without wifi. It does not require an active internet connection to operate properly. Nest thermostat connects to your smartphone and the Nest server via Bluetooth technology. So, you don't need a working internet connection for Nest thermostat installation. Nest thermostat will still work normally if the Nest server and the Nest smartphone app are not working.

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