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3 Reasons Why People Living in Dry Areas Need to Install Evaporative Cooler

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3 Reasons Why People Living in Dry Areas Need to Install Evaporative Cooler

An evaporative cooler is more than just an air cooler, but a beneficial tool for climate control. While it is suitable to use for many, it is especially favorable to use in drier areas.

Here’s why we think people living in dry areas should invest in the high-end evaporative cooler: 


People living in dry areas are always at risk of wildfires and severe allergies due to dryness and low humidity levels in the air. A traditional AC in dry areas makes the air even drier than it was before, and while it makes the house cooler, it does so at the expense of making the air parched.

On the other hand, an evaporative cooler provides great relief in the dry season by reducing the ambient temperature by up to 20° F. It does so by keeping the moisture in the air intact and using evaporation to cool down the surrounding air.

The house is much more comfortable when it’s cool and contains some moisture in the air. 


Residents of dry areas already struggle with high energy bills because of the constant cooling that they require. An evaporative cooler has minimal operation cost because it only needs enough electricity to power the pumps and fan units. An air conditioner, in contrast, requires powering many of its parts.

As a result, the evaporative cooler ends up reducing up to 50% of the energy bill while cooling the air in the home and keeping it pleasant.


People living in dry areas are struggling with the heat and the dryness in the air. Most dry places are not even that hot as they are dry.

Evaporative coolers are specially designed for places like these. It uses cold water to freshen the air and cool it down. While it doesn’t cool down the air as much as an air conditioner, it does enough to create a very comfortable environment in the house.

It might seem like a tradeoff between the two, but it is not. Evaporative cooler drives off the stagnant bacterial air from the house, increases humidity, and filters the air to keep the contaminants away, especially the urban ozone contaminants present in drier areas.

In short, evaporative coolers make breathing easier and cleaner at the same time, as well as bring the temperature down. On the other hand, traditional air conditioners only pump out cool air and nothing else.

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