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Nest Thermostat Installation & Repair In Westchester County, NY, Bronx & Surrounding Areas.

Specialized Nest Thermostat Service at Rite Temp

At Rite Temp HVAC LLC, we believe that specialized Nest thermostat service is a vital part of keeping your home comfortable. When you do not have the proper equipment, it is hard to maintain the perfect temperature. Our Specialized Nest Thermostat Service offers a reliable solution  to their heating and cooling needs.

Our Specialized Nest Thermostat Service can help you maintain a healthy room temperature within a budget.  Anyone can operate a Specialized Nest Thermostat. There isn't a need for any prior knowledge of our Specialized Nest Thermostat Service. Specialized Nest Thermostat Service at Rite Temp can improve your home's energy-efficiency to a great extent. We help you save money on your energy bills with proper insulation work. Specialized Nest thermostat Service at Rite Temp assures the highest quality service.  We  provide customers with peace of mind. You can rest assured that Specialized Nest Thermostat Service at Rite Temp will last for years to come.

How Rite Temp’s Specialized Nest Thermostat Service Can Help You Save Energy Cost


Rite Temp’s  technicians are experts at saving you energy costs. Specialized Nest Thermostat Service can make sure your heating and cooling systems run efficiently. This way, you can cut down on your utility bills. Specialized Nest Thermostat Service can also see how your new Nest Learning Thermostat is running and suggest ways you can get the most out of it. Specialized Nest Thermostat Service offers free diagnostics on all Nests (installed or not) to help you detect issues to any existing thermostats. Specialized Nest Thermostat Service will perform routine maintenance on your cooling and heating system as a part of any service call.

Nest thermostats are fairly easy to install. Specialized Nest Thermostat Service technicians at Rite Temp are available  24/7 for everything from creating a new account, taking control of your system remotely or just checking in to see how things are going. Specialized Nest Thermostat Service technicians are certified and trained to ensure that Specialized Nest Thermostat Services provide you with the best overall experience. Specialized Nest Thermostat service at Rite Temp  is available for all Specialized electronic gear, Specialized batteries, Specialized saddles and helmets at no extra charge!

Specialized Nest Thermostat Services at Rite Temp  is licensed, bonded, and insured. Our contractors cover Westchester County, Bronx, Queens, New York City, New Rochelle, and Yonkers.

To get a professional to help install and set up your Nest products, contact our Rite Temp technicians at (718) 509-5848.

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Specialized Nest Thermostat Service Installation Tips

Here are some tips that may help you install your Specialized Nest Thermostat Device.

  • Install the Specialized Nest Thermostat into an existing wall box. Specialized Nest Thermostat will not work with a low voltage mount. You must use either the Specialized universal mounting plate or the  Specialized Powerhouse mount ring.
  • Avoid line of sight issues with the Specialized Nest Thermostat for your  safety. Experts recommend that you should allow a 4-inch gap between your device  and any light fixtures or magnetic sensors. Specialized Nest Thermostat should also be at least 4 inches away from any other electrical appliances, such as Powerhouse controller and Specialized lights.
  • Technicians recommend that Specialized Nest Thermostat should share a common local control zone wire to avoid line of sight issues. You can use the green Specialized LED wire and connect it to Specialized Nest Thermostat's local Control Connector using a 2-pin connector. Specialized Nest Thermostat does not need this wire. Connecting it will provide more flexibility with system configuration and troubleshooting.
  • Operators caution against Specialized Nest Thermostat being used as an on/off switch for Specialized devices. Specialized recommends that Specialized devices be controlled using Specialized Powerhouse controllers instead.
  • Make sure the Specialized Nest Thermostat device is powered off before connecting or disconnecting any wires to the Specialized Nest Thermostat device. Specialized Nest Thermostat does not require a neutral wire to operate. However, experts recommend installing one to boost your device’s performance.
  • The Nest Thermostat is designed only to work with Specialized lights and Specialized Powerhouse controllers. Specialized Nest Thermostat will not work with other third-party controllers, including Specialized competitors' devices, Specialized systems produced before 2009, or Specialized branded products that have been modified by Specialized dealers.
  • Operators further advise against attempting to use your Specialized Nest Thermostat Device outside the thermostat's recommended conditions.  Avoid  placing the Specialized Nest Thermostat outdoors or exposed places.
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