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Keeping It Cool – The Evolution of Air Conditioning

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Keeping It Cool – The Evolution of Air Conditioning

Historically, people didn’t have any effective cooling methods to keep themselves cool in the summer heat. Kings and emperors did have the luxury of having cooling systems installed in their royal courts and palaces. But, most of these methods were reserved only for the rich and the powerful. Common people had to suffer from scourging heat, regardless of how harsh it got.

One of the most curious cases in this regard is the Roman Emperor Elagabalus in the 3rd century BC. The Emperor sent his slaves to fetch snow from mountains, lay it in his gardens and then fan it to create cool air.

In other cases, people built particular architectures to catch the cool wind and ventilate buildings. Many others used fountains and pools for the same reason. Architectures such as Alhambra Palace in Granada utilized similar passive cooling techniques to stave off the summer heat.


There was almost no progress in the development of air conditioning techniques until the 20th century. In 1902, a young engineer named Willis Carrier laid the foundation of modern air conditioning through an innovative solution. He designed a machine to control the fluctuating levels of humidity in a printing press factory.

Willis Carrier was the first person to maintain the humidity levels of a building through artificial cooling. He developed a system where he circulated air over coils, which were frozen by compressed ammonia. His creative solution managed to maintain the humidity levels of the factory to 55%.

His invention was first adopted by other major corporations, such as Gillette, in their building to boost their efficiency. However, Willis later realized that he could use the same invention in public buildings, such as cinemas and theaters.

This was revolutionizing the cinema industry. Many people went to the cinema to stay safe from the summer heat. This was only the beginning, and the invention that controlled humidity and temperature spread to other places. 


Today, the need for air conditioning units is at its peak. Experts predict that if the market grows at an annual growth rate of 4.34%, the global market will generate over $68.93 billion by 2022. The reason for this surge has been an increase in the standard of living all around the world.

However, the increase in demand for AC units has other reasons too.

Global temperatures are rising at an alarming rate. People are feeling the effects of climate change in the form of eccentric weather patterns and frequent heatwaves. This weather-changing phenomenon has contributed to the increase in air conditioner usage.

Like other places in the world, New York also suffers from bouts of unexpected heat. However, you won’t have to fetch snow from the mountains to escape the intense summer heat. Modern AC units are more than capable of keeping everything cool, even during extreme heat.

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