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How Automating Air Conditioners Is the Ultimate Cooling Solution in New York

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How Automating Air Conditioners Is the Ultimate Cooling Solution in New York

Summer is closer than many people would like to admit. We can all expect extreme bouts of heat to rattle us again soon. Though we can find some reprieve through air conditioning systems, we still have to pay high energy bills in the aftermath of these heat storms.

However, new and improved air conditioning systems are more energy-efficient than their predecessors. These units rely on automation to yield better results with minimum consumption. This article discusses how you can automate your air conditioners to have the ultimate cooling solution in New York.


IoT or the Internet of Things is the next step after massive digitization at all fronts in the world. The phenomenon of IoT revolves around the concept that every household item should be interconnected. Moreover, these systems should be capable of observing the behavior of users and adapting to their preferences.

This idea was just a dream just a few years ago. However, times have changed now. Advancements in technology have made ground for IoT. These intelligent systems can now be seen in every industry. HVAC has been one of those industries to get influenced by this technology.

It has enabled AC systems to have AI-directed temperature control systems. As a result, these systems have the intelligence to take upcoming weather predictions into account and auto-adjust to external temperatures. Users now have greater control over their air conditioners and get several extra features with their new and improved systems.


Newly launched ACs have extensive energy-saving settings which allow them to save considerable amounts of energy. These units smartly turn off the compressor once the room gets cooled. 

Many units have high EER and SEER ratings that show how dedicated these units to energy preservation. These smart units have advanced systems that let it adjust to changing seasons and conserve energy in each respective season.


Built-in fans are an integral part of air circulation. Wi-Fi–enabled fans are another fascinating invention in the line of automated HVAC systems. Through this Wi-Fi-enabled device, users will be able to control air circulation from their smartphone to improve comfort in their homes.

Moreover, we can use these fans in both winter and summer for air circulation. Air conditioning needs are at the height of summer in New York and surrounding areas. These fans circulate cool air and maintain a cool flow to reduce the heat in summer. However, in winter, you can use the same Wi-Fi-enabled fan to circulate warm air throughout your home. 


The primary purpose of automation is to provide ease and reliability to its users. That is exactly what automated HVAC systems do. These systems expand and improve user's comfort by offering features like auto-adjustment to changing temperatures.

However, it doesn't end here. This new technology has other added benefits as well. It allows users to enjoy analytics, multi-user control, and controlled cooling to yield the best energy savings.

Suppose you're interested in buying new and improved automated AC systems for your home. In that case, you need a skilled technician to get the unit up and running. Rite Temp offers the best air conditioning installation services in Westchester County, Bronx, Queens, New York City, New Rochelle, and the Yonkers area.

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