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Efficient Furnace Replacement Service for All Your Heating Emergencies

Heating emergencies can occur at any point in time. Sometimes it is hard to detect the early signs, and you end up wasting money on costly repairs. With professional HVAC services, you can replace your existing system in a matter of hours. We personalize our services to ensure you are getting the most of your investment. Our technicians promptly respond to all your heating emergencies and improve energy efficiency substantially. Contact us at Rite-Temp for an estimate, and we will get back to you with the best solution. 

When Should You Replace Your Furnace?

Heating equipment problems can be minor issues, which can be treated at home with the right tools and techniques. However, some problems are too risky for DIY repairs. Suppose your system is old and weary, unable to generate adequate heat, or frequently breaking down. In that case, you should look for a furnace replacement service – it is likely to be a more economical decision in the long run. When you watch out for the common warning signs, you can cut down the risks of a complete system breakdown. Furnace problems are of several types. Below are some of the most common furnace problems.

Loud Noises

If your heating system is making loud noises, you need to inspect your system to see if there is an issue with the internal wiring. When a furnace blower wheel is broken, it makes a scraping sound. Sometimes your furnace blower wheel could be out of balance, which can cause disturbing noises. Dirty filters can generate a loud boom. Scheduled maintenance will out any wiring defects and fix such noises.

Inadequate Air Flow

Your heating equipment might have airflow problems. Inadequate airflows could be due to several internal issues, including restrictions in the ductwork, dirty air filters, and broken blowers. Seek professional HVAC help to detect problems early to prevent severe damages. 

Abnormally High Electricity Bills

Furnace problems are often linked with high energy bills. HVAC maintenance keeps your system healthy and robust and optimizes energy efficiency. 

Thermostat Defect

The thermostat setting has to be correct. You need to calibrate your thermostats for accurate readings. 

Old Furnace

Old furnaces often run into trouble. If your system is more than 15 years old, it might slow down significantly, and a replacement is perhaps your only option. 


Sometimes, your system can accumulate water inside the furnace from undetected leaks. Proper servicing will eliminate any distressing leaks and ensure efficient heating. 

Low Maintenance

Many homeowners hesitate to schedule HVAC maintenance services. If you haven't scheduled maintenance for more than a year, you are putting your equipment at risk. 


Some Useful Guidelines for Furnace Replacement

Furnace problems can be eliminated with proper insight and timely help. Here are some valuable guidelines you can consider to make the most of the replacement. 

Most people find it difficult to understand when is the right time to get a new system. Instead of putting up with high repair costs and worn-out systems, you will benefit from scheduling a replacement - both in terms of costs and labor. 

The efficiency of your furnace determines your heating bills to a great extent. Many furnaces offer 80% efficiency – the remaining 20% escapes through the chimney. When seeking a furnace replacement service, you can keep an eye out for the AFUE factor. Choosing equipment with more than 95% efficiency will guarantee a generous payback. You may have to exceed your budget and pay a higher upfront fee. Over the next few years, your will save hundreds of dollars on your heating bills and make profits.

The heating efficiency of your equipment depends significantly on the ductwork and wiring. The ductwork consists of tubes that circulate heat to different rooms. Flawed ductworks cause heat to escape into the crawl way and adjacent places. HVAC technicians can help you to seal potential leaks and insulate the ducts for maximum heating efficiency. 

How We Execute Our Furnace Replacement Process

1. Schedule the Repair

Contact us at Rite-Temp to get an estimate. You can ask the customer service representative to schedule the furnace replacement at a convenient time. 

2. Receive a Service Call

Our HVAC team technicians will contact you to confirm their arrival. 

3. Inspection Time

Technicians will inspect the system thoroughly to identify the source of the malfunction and suggest the following steps, and confirm a date. 

3. Furnace Replacement Day

Now that you've completed all the steps, you need to wait for the final step – the replacement process. HVAC technicians will address all your queries successfully and suggest a practical solution. 


We look forward to your feedback and comments to improve our services for greater customer satisfaction. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

A furnace needs routine care and maintenance. You will have to schedule maintenance at least twice a year to keep your machine running smoothly. 

Air filters get dirty after repeated use. Filters attract dust and accumulate build-ups. You need to get filters cleaned by a professional or replace them once a month to keep the system is healthy and clean. 

HVAC professionals are equipped with the right tools to detect anomalies. Depending on their finding, they will recommend whether replacing your furnace is a bright idea. If your furnace problems are minor, you can benefit from DIY repairs. For advanced issues, technicians can guide you through the subsequent steps. You can seek expert insight into the replacement process – get the right system sized according to the available space. 

Most heating systems last for 15 years, provided you support them with maintenance and care. You can keep systems efficient with scheduled inspections. Follow the best HVAC practices to improve the efficiency of your system. 

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