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We Make Furnace Installation Easy and Affordable in Westchester County, NY & All the Surrounding Areas

Installing a furnace doesn't have to be a daunting task. At Rite Temp, we house highly accredited HVAC technicians who are adept at handling several kinds of equipment with ease. When you hire us for furnace installation, our technicians will inspect your machine in great detail and employ the best methods to install them. Our services aim to address your unique needs and tailor a solution that matches your expectations. We offer affordable installations that guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.  

Furnace Installation Checklist

Furnace installations involve several essential steps. It is a long-term investment that requires informed decisions. Several factors determine your decision: you need to get the right size, create a budget, consider ductwork and essential equipment, and contact a reliable provider. 

Here are some points you can watch out for as you figure out the process – 

Equipment Size

The size of your heating equipment plays an essential role in the installation process. Not all systems have the same heating capacity. Consult HVAC technicians to understand how to make the most of your equipment. 

Installation Charges

Assess your heating system to generate an estimate. Your budget plays a crucial role in the installation. 

Heating Efficiency

To improve the heating efficiency of your system, you need a high-quality HVAC service. Successful installations will cut down your heating bills and optimize energy efficiency considerably.  

Additional Equipment

Some heating systems require additional equipment to operate successfully. Check your plan to determine whether you will need ductwork, a venting system, a heating pump, or any other items. 

Thermostat Settings

A thermostat allows you to regulate temperatures of different places at once. You should calibrate your device to ensure an accurate reading.


Furnace Installation Service in Westchester County, Bronx & Surrounding areas

Furnace installation needs expert intervention to ensure efficient heating. You need to have the right resources to mount your heating unit successfully. Our HVAC technicians have the highest credentials and dynamic skills. They will help you assemble all critical parts and size your machine appropriately. You call us to talk with our customer service representative, who will note your queries and guide you through the subsequent steps. We are available 24/7 to cater to all your HVAC emergencies as and when necessary. 

Some Useful Guidelines While Installing Furnace & Thermostat

Furnace installation is complex -it best to seek professional consultation to ensure all the steps are successful. You can follow a DIY approach if you have the right tools with you, but it might not be a convenient option for everyone. Here are some guidelines you can follow to make the most of your furnace installation: 

  1. Deciding on an appropriate location is the first important milestone that you need to consider. Check instructions to see whether you will need clearance and ventilation. Based on the requirement of the equipment, you can select the most appropriate spot and make suitable arrangements. 
  2. If your furnace requires ductwork, find out a location that won't interfere with existing objects. 
  3. You can build a concrete stand to accommodate their furnace. Other flooring options include brick, granite slabs, marble, stone, and ceramic tiles. 
  4. You will also need to install a separate electricity line or a gas line if you don't already have one. 
  5. The condensate drain is connected via a pipe to the drain hole. 

How Our Furnace Installation Specialists Work

Installing a furnace with us is easy and affordable – here are the steps involved in the process: 

1. Contact Us for a Quote

The first step is to fix an appointment via a phone call. Dial us for a personal quote – our customer service representative will note your concerns and get back with a confirmation date. 

2. Get a Service Call

After you have registered with us, you will get a service call from us. We will nudge you before visiting your home for the furnace installation. 

3. Inspection Time

You need a detailed inspection of your heating equipment and analyze all the essential factors before proceeding with the process. We will discuss all significant concerns promptly and fix an official date. 

4. Installation Day

Now that we have completed all the paperwork, our technicians will proceed with the installation. They will respond to your requests and address your concerns pertinently. They will demonstrate whether your heating system is running successfully and walk you through the essential know-how. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Routine HVAC maintenance Service is necessary for energy-efficient heating. Schedule maintenance at least twice a year to keep your heating system robust and healthy. Regular tune-ups will also cut down risks subsequently. 

If your furnace is constantly running into trouble or not generating adequate heat, you should consult with HVAC technicians. Some systems are more than 20-year old and completely worn out – getting a new system will be your only alternative. 

HVAC support is not always available, especially when you have an emergency. If you DIY the installation, you will need the right tools, such as wrenches, drilling machines, screwdriver, voltage tester, fuses, air compressor, and other items. Your local store will able to give you the required information. 

Investing in a heating system is a serious decision, and there are several long-term considerations. Don't hesitate to spend on an expensive furnace - it is an economical option in the long run.

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