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Everything You Should Know About Servicing and Maintaining Your AC

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Everything You Should Know About Servicing and Maintaining Your AC

Both split ACs and their window-based counterparts require periodic servicing to ensure that they always work correctly. Air conditioning service and maintenance is one of the best possible means of ensuring that your appliance will continue to give the same great results throughout its extended service life.

Regular maintenance will effectively ensure that your unit never develops any problems and it's the best what you can do to make sure that your unit continues to run flawlessly for many a long year:


The biggest problem with an AC is the leakage of its refrigerant gas. ACs work on the classic' use it or lose it' concept. If you don't switch it on at least once every few days, the gas will pool into the joints of the pipes and drill a hole through the metal.

Once that happens, it will slowly leak into the atmosphere. Apart from the damage to the environment, it will also call for a hefty gas recharge bill. If the gas has leaked, the room will not cool properly or, even if it does, not as correctly as it used to do so before.

You can make sure that your AC is safe from such an issue by switching it on for at least half an hour, even in mid-winter. Apart from that, gas leakage issues can also occur in case of improper installation or the normal wear and tear of the various components of your AC unit. Once you notice a perceptible drop in cooling, you should call in the experts at air conditioning service and maintenance as soon as possible.

If you delay it, more gas will leak into the atmosphere, and your machine will have to work harder to provide adequate cooling. This leads to an increase in power bills and creates an undue load on your thermostat and other sensitive components.


All ACs have filters to provide fresh and clean air into the room. These filters also help to protect the more delicate components of your AC unit from dust and dirt. If the filters are dirty or they have gone past their service life, you should get them replaced as soon as possible. 

A clogged filter will force the blower to work harder to retain the desired temperature in the room. Not only will it increase power consumption, but it will also decrease the service life of most of the other essential parts of your AC system. 

Finally, the additional load can lead to a steep drop in the pressure of the air blowing into your room. Luckily, filters are designed to be disposable, and they can be easily replaced at a very low cost. You should make sure to replace them at least once every few 6 months. 

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  1. Thanks for the reminder that it's crucial to always stay on top of filter maintenance when getting a new AC unit. I'd like to know more about AC installation services because I'd like to more easily maintain the temperature in my bedroom. Hopefully, that will help a lot in making my PC setup run more optimally.

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