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The increasing demand for air conditioning in all the seasons, whether summer or winter, has led to heavy use of these cooling units. It is especially so during the hot summers and other warm-weather periods when there is an urgent need for calm, refreshing, and comfortable air. These systems are majorly installed on rooftops as this is the most easily accessible and convenient place to install them. Rooftop cooling units are used in both residential and commercial building facilities. They are meant for heavy-duty work under all weather conditions and last for long periods before they need repairs, replacement, or servicing. We offer high-quality Rooftop AC repairs in residential, commercial, and other public buildings at Rite Temp. They cool the air through the use of refrigeration technology. Rooftop AC repair is necessary as there is a need to keep the machines running to maintain optimum freshness, comfort, and safety even during long periods of a power blackout. 

Rooftop AC repairs are done in a timely and effective manner by our qualified technicians. Rite Temp Rooftop AC Repair technicians have years of experience repairing all major brands of Rooftop air conditioners. We use high-quality tools, specialized parts, and genuine Rooftop repair accessories to get the job done. The Rooftop AC repairs are done in all types of Rooftop air conditioner parts, including Rooftop thermostats, Rooftop capacitors, Rooftop compressors, and Rooftop cooling fans. We also repair or replace Rooftop refrigeration coils, Rooftop dryers, Rooftop evaporators, and Rooftop electrical components. We repair both Rooftop walls mount air conditioners as well as Rooftop ceiling air conditioners. Rite Temp also offers Rooftop AC repairs on Rooftop split systems, Rooftop mini-splits, Rooftop window air conditioners, and Rooftop portable air conditioners. 

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Rooftop Air Conditioners Guarantee Energy Efficiency Cooling

Homeowners who have Rooftop Air Conditioners in their homes can rest easy at night, knowing that these units will keep them cool all summer long. Rooftop air conditioning units are ideal for keeping you and your family comfortable throughout the long, hot days of the summer months, and they work hard to make your life more enjoyable. Rooftop air conditioners can do this by running quietly and efficiently, which prevents them from becoming a nuisance as you try to enjoy the summer weather. 

Rooftop air conditioners are now a standard part of many houses because they can benefit the homeowner. Select the Rooftop unit that best fits your needs, and you will enjoy an air-conditioned home all summer long! Rooftop units come in a variety of sizes and styles.

Rooftop Air Conditioner owners shouldn't attempt any repairs themselves because these devices can be pretty dangerous. Rooftop parts are heavy, and if you do not have the proper Rooftop tools or Rooftop skills, it would be easy to make a Rooftop repair that makes your problems worse instead of solving them. For these reasons, any Rooftop repairs should be performed by trained experts.

Common Rooftop AC Problems

Here are some common Rooftop AC problems that you can watch out for - 

  • Cooling coils are covered in dust or dirt. 
  • Coils contact with Freon has been compromised. 
  • The rooftop AC bearing fan is not running. 
  • The rooftop clutch has failed. 
  • You have a foul-smelling air filter.
  • Your Rooftop AC has refrigerant leaks.
  • Your HVAC system has a faulty condenser fan motor or compressor.

If you have problems with your HVAC unit, it needs to be repaired immediately, or you could be inviting dirt and dust particles into your Rooftop AC. Rite Temp's technicians will inspect your Rooftop for rodent nesting, particularly in the Rooftop electric box. Rite Temp Rooftop AC Repair Services are for all significant Rooftop brand models.  

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Rite Temp's air conditioner repair services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our Rooftop air conditioner repairs are operational in Westchester County, Bronx, Queens, New York City, New Rochelle, and Yonkers. Customers may also call us for Rooftop AC repair service during Rooftop emergencies like Rooftop power failure, Rooftop tripped circuit breakers, Rooftop blown fuses, Rooftop power surges, and Rooftop compressor failures. In most cases where Rooftop air conditioner repair is needed, customers can save money if they get their units serviced at the first signs of trouble. 

To learn more about Rite Temp's Rooftop AC repairs, you can talk to our experts at (718) 509-5848. 

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