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Air Conditioning (AC) Installation - Ductless AC & Mini Split AC Installation Service Near Bronx, Westchester, NYC

Air Conditioning (AC) Installation Services

Rite Temp provides AC installation services in NYC. When installing the machine, consider appointing our team because we are the best for the job. Our technicians have proper knowledge, experience, training, and certification about AC installation. Our comprehensive range of services includes repairs, installation, servicing, and maintenance of the device. We will do the job perfectly no matter which design or model you decide to have in your space. With our support, you may expect hassle free installation experience. Avail our guaranteed services, to enjoy the benefits from our air conditioning installation services. You may get in touch with us over the telephone or send an email with your requirement for aid.
Central Air Conditioner Installation
Ductless Mini Split Systems AC installation
AC Indoor Unit Installation
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Air Condenser Unit Installation
Ductwork Installation
Window and Wall Unit Installation
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We Install All Types of ACs

Ductless Mini Splits Installation

You will need ductless mini-splits when you want your cooling system to cater to several places at once. Mini-splits have a two-part structure: a condenser and a blower. The most beneficial aspect of mini-split ACs is the ability to cool different rooms at different temperatures. With professional HVAC services, you will mount mini split ACs in a matter of hours and gift yourself the best cooling experience.

Geothermal AC Installation

For green enthusiasts, geothermal cooling offers a sustainable solution. These systems don't run on fossil fuels - the only source of energy is the ground heat. Please consult with our technicians to install all the components in the right way. The most challenging aspect of installing geothermal systems is getting the piping right. We make sure to be extra careful while building a secure piping loop and enable smooth water circulation for energy-efficient cooling.

Window Air Conditioner Installation

Window ACs are primarily mounted in windows, and they have a complex exhaust system. Our technicians are trained to handle all the steps meticulously to ensure optimum cooling.


Central Air Conditioner Installation

Central ACs are ideal if you are looking for cooling solutions for larger spaces. A typical central cooling system will have a built-in compressor, elaborate ductwork, and a long coil with refrigerant. Our HVAC professionals are skilled at installing major air conditioning systems following the best industry practices, so you are guaranteed 100% satisfaction.


High-Velocity Air Conditioner Installation

There are many benefits of high-velocity air conditioning – easy installation, fast temperature controls, and humidity management are to name a few. Our HVAC technicians are trained to carry out safe installations that guarantee to cut down your energy consumption considerably.


Trusted Air Conditioning (AC) Installation Service

It is essential to invest in air conditioning services to keep your equipment solid and healthy all through the summer months. You can consult with our HVAC experts to ensure optimal cooling solutions. We can help you with your air conditioning unit installations for maximum energy efficiency.

Efficient AC Unit Installation Service That Guarantees 100% Satisfaction

We are adept at handling several AC brands. Our HVAC professionals have the highest credentials –they are skilled at offering the best quality installation services. Our customer service representatives are available 24/7, so you can dial us for your queries at any convenient time. We will get back to you with the right solution.


Our Air Conditioning (AC) System Installation Process

1. Contact Us for a Quote

You can kick start your air conditioning installation process with a phone call. Dial us for a personal quote – our customer service representative will note your queries and get back with the correct information. 

2: Get a Service Call

Once you are on board with us, you will get a phone call from our end. We will inform you before visiting your home for an AC installation service

3: Inspection Time

Air conditioners have complex designs. There are several things to weigh before proceeding with the process. We will discuss all significant concerns promptly and fix an official date.

4: Air Conditioning Installation Day

You have done your paperwork. Now that we have completed all the steps, our technicians will reach your home for the final step. They will cater to all your requests and do their best to cater to your concerns. They will demonstrate how your machine is working and walk you through the essential know-how.


You can dial us for any personal queries. We are looking for your feedback and comments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Periodic HVAC system maintenance service is necessary for the smooth running of your air conditioning system. You need routine air conditioning services to keep your cooling system efficient, cutting down risks of potential breakdowns. 

You don't need to add refrigerant without emergencies. Only consult professionals when you detect a leak in the system.

You can consult with our technicians to seek help with central cooling systems and heat radiators. They will inspect your equipment and suggest what works best for you.

We can set up a thermostat with precision. We can help you regulate your heating/cooling system with smart HVAC technology – you can successfully control different zones' temperatures.

Air conditioning filters can be of different types. A standard filter keeps your system spotless, but it can't purify the air quality. Media filters eliminate harmful impurities, which include suspended particles and viral particles. To optimize the efficiency of your air conditioning system, you should replace filters routinely – once every month, to be precise.

Sometimes it takes much time to get help. If you have an emergency, DIY is not a bad idea. Starting, you need the right tools - wrenches, drilling machines, screwdriver, voltage tester, fuses, air compressor, and other essential items.

You can seek help from local practitioners to cover the basics. Suppose you need advanced services or need help with replacing particular machine parts. In that case, you need to enlist HVAC technicians and seek professional assistance.

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