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Central A/C Services

Air Conditioning (AC) Repair

Air condition malfunctions can be distressing in the summer months. You can contact us for premium air conditioning repair services that offer reliable solutions to the most critical problems – thermostat defects, wiring problems, leaky refrigerant, clogged condensate drain, and damaged fan belts, to name a few. Timely air conditioning repairs will eliminate potential risks for improved performance.


Air Conditioning (AC) Installation

Air Conditioning installations involve several careful steps. Our HVAC technicians are trained to offer accurate air conditioning installations that adhere to the best industry practices. Dial us for energy-efficient repairing services to get the best value for your money.


Heat Pump Services

Heat Pump Repair

Don’t let a faulty heat pump let you down. Our heat pump repair services offer specialized solutions that keep your equipment healthy and robust all through the summer months. Get in touch for expert heat pump repairs that guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Heat Pump Repair

Heat Pump Installation

Do you need help with heat pump installations? You can contact us for premium quality installation services for the best value for your money. We guarantee fast, prompt services that will cater to your immediate concerns.


Ductless A/C Services

Ductless AC Installation


Ductless Mini Splits Install

Ductless mini-split ACs are hard to install. You need to size your machine based on the available space. Our HVAC service providers will help you mount your AC precisely for energy-efficient cooling solutions.


Ductless Mini Splits Repair

Ductless mini-split ACs require maintenance services for smooth running. With professional repair services, you can eliminate the risks of internal fan malfunctions to optimize your cooling solutions. When you contact us for ductless mini-split AC repairs, you let our HVAC technicians examine your system to deliver the best solution.


High Velocity AC Install

High-velocity ACs can be tricky to install. You need to assess the load, clear the air duct, link the condensate drain, and join refrigerant lines. Our technicians have the highest HVAC credentials to help you with prompt AC installation services that offer maximum value for your money.


High Velocity AC Repair

We can assist you with high-velocity AC repairs at affordable rates. Our high-velocity AC repairing services offer fast, energy-efficient solutions. Contact us for premium quality AC repairs that guarantee 100% satisfaction.


Thermostat Services

Thermostat Installation

A thermostat is the essential part of your air conditioner. We specialize in premium quality thermostat services to help you with the best cooling experience. Our HVAC professionals will provide you with specialized solutions that cater to your cooling emergencies.


Specialized Nest Thermostat Service

You can contact us for specialized nest thermostat services for your cooling system. Our HVAC experts are competent thermostat installers who have relevant experience in the industry. Choose a premium thermostat installation service to help you with the best cooling solutions.


Cooling Maintenance Services

HVAC System Check-Up

Price: Starting at $98.99
Average time to complete: 1-3 hours

Is your cooling unit up to the mark, helping you fight high temperatures? Or is it nearing its end? Whether you want to install a new cooling unit or get your existing one fixed, you are at the right place.

Rite Temp HVAC LLC has years of experience in the heating and cooling industry and can help you stay cool throughout the hot summer heat. Offering our services in Westchester County and surrounding areas, our skilled and competent team can help you provide an effective cooling solution and at a very competitive price!

So get in touch with us now, and let us handle your cooling unit! Call us at (718) 509-5848, or drop us an email at [email protected] Our team specializes in advanced technology and can install top-notch industrial products, allowing you precise control over your cooling system.

We ensure that no energy is wasted, and your cooling system performs at the highest efficiency possible so that you don’t incur massive bills. Plus, we are reliable and just a call away.

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