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Common Mistakes People Make with Programmable Thermostats

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Common Mistakes People Make with Programmable Thermostats

With energy prices spiking every year, it’s getting more difficult for everyone to attain the comfort they so badly want. All one needs is a warm and cozy environment at home, which is nearly impossible for average earners.

Well, nearly impossible. Fortunately, we all still have programmable thermostats that help in cutting back on our bills significantly. At the same time, we all get the comfort we want.

Most new users end up making some common mistakes with their programmable thermostat. To help you avoid these mistakes, we are listing some of them down. Here you go:


Most people are of the view that adjusting the thermostat would make it cooler or warmer quickly. That assumption is clearly wrong. A thermostat has no control whatsoever over the HVAC system. What it does control is the final temperature. 

Turning it up or down would simply cause the HVAC system to reach that temperature, and you’ll eventually have to set it back to the desired temperature. As a result, you’ll have to suffer from the too cold and too hot syndrome. Additionally, you’ll end up wasting a whole lot of energy.


Another common mistake most people make is that of setting the wrong temperature. This leads to overheating and overcooling, constant adjustment, and too much energy wastage. 

It’s best to figure out your own ideal temperature once and then stick to it. The standard temperature in winter falls between 64 and 70 degrees; it falls between 76 and 82 degrees in the summers.


Most people do not give a second thought to the kind of thermostat they are buying or the brand they are buying it from. Do your research before the purchase. Also, make sure you buy one with features that best suit your requirements.

Even more important is ensuring that there is no miscommunication between the thermostat and the HVAC. There are so many factors that one needs to consider before buying a thermostat.

Be mindful of those factors, or your money and time could go to waste. Last, don’t forget that you can still add a layer of clothing even with a thermostat in your house. Adjusting it every time you feel cold will waste so much unnecessary energy that you might end up getting the bill you were trying to avoid.

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