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Get ready for winters – make sure your boiler is in working order
Boilers are an essential product in all residential homes, ensuring constant heating and hot water supply. Regular inspection and maintenance of your boiler is an absolute must if you want the unit to perform efficiently round the year. Rite Temp HVAC LLC is your best bet if you are looking around for reliable and affordable boiler installation, servicing or repair services in New York City or surrounding areas. Our skilled and competent team can deal with all kinds of boiler, regardless of what brand you have or whether your boiler operates on gas, electricity or oil.
Give us a call at 914-352-4822, or send us an email at if you want to install or repair your boiler. And well serve you the very same day.
Thanks to our highly proficient team, Rite Temp HVAC LLC offers quick and reliable services. And we don’t leave any mess after us!



A new boiler can help you save around 25% to 40% on your heating bills

We are capable of installing advanced and energy efficient boilers of all famous and reputed brands such as Bosch, Burnham, Navien, Laars and Lennox. We recommend topnotch products through comprehensive approaches, helping you find something that is suitable for your home, and affordable as well.

The boilers that we install pay for themselves instantly when you notice your operating costs go down. After all properly designed and installed units operate for years to come, as long as you get them serviced regularly.


A well maintained boiler can last for as long as 25 years

Your boiler can maintains its performance and efficiency levels if you get it serviced regularly. Plus, this also ensures safe operations. Our professional team makes sure that all components are in working order, and restore the air and fuel mixture so that combustion remains safe and efficient.
When conducting maintenance, we measure carbon monoxide concentrations ascertaining that the burning is operating well.
Thus, we can help you increase your boiler efficiency and reduce chances of expensive repairs.

So give us a call, and let us know if you want your boiler repaired or serviced



Does your boiler need some kind of fix?

Let us come over to diagnose the cause. We’ll then fix the boiler such that it delivers the highest performance levels and operates at maximum efficiency.

Reach out to us if you come across any of these signs.

  • Your boiler doesn’t produce enough heat or the water isn’t hot enough
  • You’ve noticed water leaks
  • Your hear clinging or clanking noises
  • Your boiler emits a strange, metallic smell
  • Your carbon monoxide detector keeps ringing every now and then
  • Your fuel bills are on the rise
  • You’ve get your boiler repaired every now and then
  • You’ve used your boilers for 20 years or more

And in case, your boiler has reached end of its life, we’ll suggest a replacement, and help you choose a unit that caters to your needs, and falls within your budget.