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6 Causes of an Air-Conditioner Compressor failure

6 Causes of an Air-Conditioner Compressor failure

Similar to what a central processing unit does for your computer, a compressor is known as the heart of an AC unit. It compresses the refrigerant and pumps it throughout the system to reduce the heat and humidity from the air. AC compressors are usually reliable and require little maintenance. However, if it fails to function properly, it is a sign that some repairs are required.

Here are six causes of an AC compressor failure.

1. Insufficient Lubricant

The lubricant used in an AC compressor does what blood does to your body. The lubricant is what adds to the functionality of your system and keeps it going. When the lubricant is insufficient, the system is forced to work harder than necessary. After some time, the compressor fails altogether.

2. Electrical Issues

The electrical problems start small, and if left untreated grow bigger. If the electrical damage has worsened, there no repairs can help you out, and the only option is to replace the compressor. However, through regular maintenance, an electrician can figure out whether or not there are any damaged wires, short fuses, or other electrical hazards. Electrical issues in your AC compressor if detected in the early stages are easy to deal with. If left to stay, they can make your compressor fail.

3. Dirty Coils

With an extended period of use, dirt and grime tend to accumulate over your AC compressor. It is build up excessively, it hinders the expulsion of heat from the system. As a result, the system works harder than usual to cool your living space. With extra pressure exerted over it, the compressor heats up and fails.

 4. Inadequate Refrigerant

Oftentimes, the refrigerant lines form small holes and cracks. As a result, the refrigerant starts to leak. Refrigerant leaks must be dealt with in the early stages. However, if these holes aren’t fixed in the initial stages, the refrigerant will continue to leak. A time will come that the refrigerant will run so low, that the system will be forced to work harder. This unnecessary strain will cause the compressor to fail.

5. Excessive Refrigerant

Similar to insufficient refrigerant, excessive refrigerant can be just as bad for your system. Oftentimes, people make the mistake of pouring too much refrigerant into the system. Remember, that too much refrigerant or the wrong kind of refrigerant affects your system, and a time comes when the compressor seizes to function.

6. Blocked Refrigerant Lines

As discussed earlier, it is the job of your compressor to pump the refrigerant throughout the system. In the event the lines are clogged, the clogging results in pressure buildup. As a result, the system temperature rises, and it heats up. Being overly heated, the AC compressor breaks down, thus causing you a lot of financial inconveniences.

If you are dealing with a defective AC compressor, there is no time better than now to have it checked or replaced. If you are already on the lookout for a reputable air-conditioning service, stop looking for you just found us. To benefit from our HVAC services, visit us online, call us at 718-509-5848.