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HVAC Maintenance Checklist

HVAC Maintenance Checklist

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) units are just like their regular AC counterparts, in the sense that they require servicing and maintenance for optimal performance. If you follow a checklist of maintenance items, you can rest assured that your HVAC climate control will work fine without any major malfunctions for many years to come.


Use Only the Best Quality Filters Available in the Market

Acquiring a new and high-efficiency filter might seem like a really expensive solution to a non-existent problem. However, today’s HVAC filters are the very latest in cutting edge technology and they have been equipped with electrostatic energy. This means that they can effectively suck even the smallest particles of dust and allergy-causing pollen grains.  

Another reason why you should replace the filters in your climate control system is that they tend to get clogged very easily. This makes sense because they are the very first line of defense against the ingress of foreign matter into both the HVAC system as well as your home. After all, this is their main function. They should be replaced after six months of prolonged usage. But in case you live in an arid and dusty climate, you should consider changing them more often. At least once every three months.  

Clean the Area Around the External Units

The external AC units, as well as the heat pumps, must have at least two feet of ground clearance so that they will be able to function properly. It is important that the area beneath and around them is regularly swept clean of dirt, dust, leaves and other debris. You should make sure that this is done after every storm.

Ducting and Insulation Issues  

Once that is done, you should methodically examine all the refrigerant gas pipes, the ducts of your climate control system as well as insulation lines. Here it is extremely important to thoroughly check the main power lines since a frayed wire or broken plug is a critical fire hazard.  In case, there are any damaged wires, you should call in the experts at HVAC repair and maintenance to come and take a look.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Carbon monoxide is also known as the silent killer. And with good reason, because this extremely deadly gas is both colorless and odorless. In an enclosed climate control system it can prove to be fatal. 

It is imperative that you thoroughly check and double-check the batteries of your HVAC’s carbon monoxide detector at least twice every year. In fact, it would be a smart idea to get the experts in this field to come over and take a quick look at the unit, to ensure that it is fully functional. They will check the appliance quickly and efficiently, and you will have complete peace of mind that your carbon monoxide detection system is fully functional.

In case, you have any further questions regarding the HVAC maintenance checklist and other repair and service-related issues you may contact Rite Temp HVAC.  They are highly qualified professionals in this field, and they will take care of all your HVAC related problems.