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4 Ways to Increase Chiller Efficiency and Decrease Operation Costs

4 Ways to Increase Chiller Efficiency and Decrease Operation Costs

A significant amount of investment goes into buying a chiller, its installation, its maintenance and repairs. However, during the summer seasons, the high amount of pollen in the air, and high temperatures put extra load upon your chiller. As a result, your chiller has to perform beyond its natural capability. A higher load on your chiller, means that you some extra expenditures coming your way, in the form of electricity bills.

Here are 4 tips to increase the efficiency of your chiller and reduce the electricity costs.

1. Install VFDs

One of the best ways to increase chiller efficiency and reduce operation costs is to install variable frequency drives or VFDs. As a result, you will be able to control the lock in the head pressure. It will keep the compressors from starting and stopping too quickly, and allow the evaporator fans to work with increased efficiency. Variable frequency drives are vital to the load capacity and also reduce electricity costs.

2. Refrigerant Oil Drainage and Changing Filters

Proper draining of the refrigerant oil is important to the efficient functioning of the chiller, and the slightest negligence can result in increased operation costs. When the oil is not drained, it affects temperature and heat transfer. Poor heat and temperature transfer, forces the chiller to perform beyond its capacity, and if left untreated can result in complete outage of the chilling system. Refrigerant oil draining is a complex process and therefore, must be carried out by professionals.

3. Energy Audit of the Refrigeration System

 Another way of adding to the efficiency of the chiller is performing regular energy audits. Doing so, you will get better recommendations on how to lower the energy usage.  The energy audits look completely at the system’s power usage, and compare it with a system that performs on an optimum level.

4. Regular Maintenance of the Chilling Systems

The best way, to make your chiller perform efficiently, and reduce the energy costs at the same time is to carry out regular maintenance. However, there are some tasks that need to be done on a regular basis while others are to be done annually. Some common chiller maintenance tasks are mentioned below.

·         Complete testing of the controls and interlocks.

·         The calibration of the pressure gauges needs to be checked.

·         Checking the tightness of the electrical connections.

·         Testing of all the heaters within the systems i.e. pump seal heaters and crankcase heaters.

·         Regular service of the machinery room vents.

·         Inspection of the pressure relief valves to check for corrosion or other accumulations.

If you want to make your chiller’s efficiency to increase, do not skimp on any of the above mentioned tips. If you face any problem, do not worry for Rite Temp has got you covered. With years of experience we make any chiller related problems go away in no time.