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Space Heater Safety Tips

Space Heater Safety Tips

Space heaters keep your home warm and help you stay comfortable during winters. But it’s important to keep in mind that these small-sized heaters cause around one-third of winter house fires and 80% of all winter fire deaths happen due to them.

Space heaters pose the risk of fire breakouts and electric shock hazards. However, if you use space heaters in a safe way, you need not worry about safety risks.

Here are a few useful space heater safety tips to reduce the risk of accidents:

Buy Certified Heaters

Don’t purchase low-quality space heaters in an attempt to save initial costs. Not only such heating devices have a shorter lifespan, they also pose safety risks. Always invest in high-quality appliances that are certified by a reliable testing laboratory for your own good.

Put it On a Leveled Surface

Keep your space heater on a stable and leveled surface. This way, it’ll have a lower risk of getting knocked over.

Keep Flammable Objects Away

Follow the 3ft. rule to prevent fire accidents. As per this rule, keep flammable objects at least 3 ft. away from the heater. Make sure it’s not in close contact with curtains, bed sheets, clothes or papers since these materials can easily catch fire.

Keep It Away From Water

Refrain from keeping your space heater near water, or else you may experience an electric shock. Also, don’t touch it with wet hands to stay safe.

Turn It Off If It Feels Hot

If the heater or electrical cords feel hot to the touch, it may be an indication that there’s something wrong. Turn it off immediately and call a professional to inspect it.

Don’t Leave It Running Overnight

A majority of fire accidents occur because people forget to turn space heaters off while sleeping or when leaving the house. Make it a habit to turn off the heater when you aren’t in the room and before going to sleep. Not only will keep you safe, but also lower your electricity bill.

Avoid Extension Cords

Try not to use extension cords to provide electrical supply to space heaters. They increase the risk of fire accidents, electric shock injuries, and overheating. Plug it directly into an outlet and make sure it’s not loose.

Using space heaters at home increase the risk of fire accidents. However, through the aforementioned tips, you can reduce the risks and regulate indoor temperature without risking your life.