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Most Common HVAC FAQs for Homes

Most Common HVAC FAQs for Homes

Every season has its own set of requirements. Changing seasons can force people to seek out new clothes or dust off unused outdoor gear. However, one requirement remains the same regardless which season it is. Your HVAC system should always be in excellent working condition.

Homeowners depend on their HVAC units to keep them comfortable throughout the year. There are many problems that arise without warning. So it helps to have basic info about HVAC systems. To help you have a better understanding, here are the most common HVAC FAQs for homes:

1.Is it possible to improve the efficiency of HVAC systems?
People often miss out on the benefits of proper maintenance. Regular maintenance can make your HVAC unit a lot more efficient. Not only this, it increases your unit’s lifespan and stops your unit from having 11th-hour breakdowns.
You can also clean or replace air filters to improve air quality. Utilizing sunlight on colder days also takes some load off from your system. In other words, reducing workload helps the system become more efficient.

2.How long does a new air conditioner last?
Most HVAC units are built to last anywhere between 15 to 20 years. However, exposure to certain things can shorten their lifespan. HVAC systems in New York City tend to suffer from corrosion.
 This happens due to exposure to smog and sea-salt. Accumulated debris can damage key parts of your HVAC system. Similarly, HVAC systems in manufacturing plants can get damaged by corroding chemicals. 
To achieve maximum life expectancy, an HVAC system needs to be maintained and cleaned regularly. This means you have to schedule a professional HVAC service at least twice a year. The ideal time for these check-ups is before the start-up in spring and once after shut-down in the fall.

3.Why do some of my rooms have different temperatures?
Uneven temperatures can are the result of improper ductwork. Air ducts are responsible for carrying air throughout your home. The duct system can vary between homes. 
Typically, a damper is placed at the main supply line. Lines extending from the main supply line lead to individual rooms. This can restrict airflow. Unbalanced dampers cause some rooms heat or cool faster than others
If HVAC professionals place dampers with the right balance, rooms will receive the right amount of cooled or heated airflow. This will help you stay comfortable during every season.

4.What does HVAC maintenance cover and is it really worth it?
Normally, HVAC maintenance covers general inspection of your cooling and heating equipment.  Technicians check your home and look for anything that restricts proper airflow.  Some of the common things HVAC maintenance covers are:

•Make sure that the thermostat is working correctly.
•Inspect whether your air filters are interfering with the airflow.
•Checking ducts and vents for accumulated dust or debris.

Regular maintenance can be the difference between a smooth running system and a malfunctioned one. Neglecting maintenance can lead to complications that need expensive repairs.

Proper maintenance ensures that your home is safe and comfortable. As the system runs more efficiently, it also keeps energy bills in check.

To keep your HVAC system in excellent working condition, you need a reliable HVAC service. Right Temp HVAC offers the best HVAC service in New York City.

If you have any more questions, just give us a call at 914-352- 4822. To book an appointment, visit our website.