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4 Things You Can Do Around the House to Keep Your Thermostat Happy

4 Things You Can Do Around the House to Keep Your Thermostat Happy

Your programmable thermostat is happy when you are happy, and well….you can’t be happy when your energy bills are taking most of your month’s pay.  
As the weather begins to get chilly, we crank up the heat higher than normal and increase the energy consumption excessively. 
A programmable thermostat can’t help you unless you allow it to.
Here’s what you can do to keep your thermostat happy, and keep your house warm and cozy:

1. Close the Gaps 
A house with too many holes in it is certain to be drafty. As a result, the heating system drives too hard to keep the house warm. 
 A better idea is to find out all those leaky holes in doors and windows that are letting the air inside. You can either do it yourself using weather-stripping, or you could call a professional to close all the gaps and holes in the house. Bother yourself once, so that you’ll never have to be bothered again.

2. Invest In a humidifier
Winters are notorious for sucking all the moisture from the air and leaving only 10% humidity in the house. It is extremely uncomfortable even if the house is warm.
Using a humidifier will not only correct the humidity levels in the house, but it would also bring in additional warmth. This will put less strain on your heating system, and in turn on your energy bills. The thermostat would be more than happy to regulate the temperature in the house.

3. Unblock the Vents 
The reason why your house might not be heating the way you want it to could be because of the vents.
Most of us don’t realize this but placing something right in front of the vents drastically affects the quality of heating and cooling, in the house.   
You’ll end up cranking the system higher and rendering your thermostat useless. Just remove all the obstruction from in front of the vents in your house and let the cool or hot air move freely. 

4. Place Wool Rugs on the floor
There are two reasons for you to place wool rugs on the floor and make your thermostat happy. For one, wool rugs are warmer than tiles and marble floors. Secondly, they are excellent insulators. 
Wool rugs are also hypoallergenic, so there’s no need to worry about allergies. 
A thermostat won’t be able to serve any purpose if it isn’t being used in the first place. Make your house warm and cozy and let the thermostat control your energy bills.