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Need an Energy Efficient Home? A Thermostat Is All You Need

Need an Energy Efficient Home? A Thermostat Is All You Need

Who wouldn’t like to have a very reasonableenergy bill in their hands every month? Everybody wants it, of course. 
However, very fewpeople actually practice energy-efficiencyin their homes to get the said energy bill. 
The first thingevery responsiblehouse owner should do is invest in a state of the art thermostat. 
That alone would make a huge difference inthe energy bills. Here’s how thermostats help us create energy efficient homes:
• Easy to Control
High-tech and programmable thermostats give you complete control over your house’s HVAC system, even if you are not there. The exceptional featuresallow us to turn off the system when it is not neededand crank it up a few minutes before returning home. This way, the system works only when it is needed. It does notrun uselesslyorwaste energy.It also eliminatesthe possibility of forgetting to turn off your systembefore leaving for the day. 
With programmablethermostats, you only need to set up thetemperatureand schedule the time once. After that, the system will takecare of it always. There are thermostats that can connect withyour phone and help you control your HVAC on the road.
• Ensures Maintenance of HVAC System
Technologically advanced thermostats keepyou updated on how your HVAC is doing. This way, you get to know when your system might need some reparations or cleaning, etc. With a maintained HVAC system, energy wastage is lower and that leads to lower bills. 
• Maintains the Temperature of WaterHeaters
Many people don’t know this but if a water heater is set above 120°Fahrenheit, it will result in high energy costs. Investing in a thermostat that shows you the temperature of your water heater will allow you to cut down on your energy bills greatly. 
A water heater runs incessantly, even when it’s not in use, and that too above 120° Fahrenheit. For every 10 degreesthat you lower inyour water heatertemperature, you can reduce the energy costs by 3-5%. 
Some other ways you can make your house energy efficient includes:
  • Sealing your air ducts
  • Opening your windows and blinds in winters and keeping them closed in summers.
  • Reducing the amount of LED lights in your home
A thermostat can make your house a comfortableplace to live in. It can alsocontrol your energy usage, and limit wastage. 
Make sure that the model and brand you choose to buyis compatible with yourheating ventilation and air conditioning system.