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Why Is My AC Freezing Up?

Why Is My AC Freezing Up?

The air conditioner is one of the most vital commodities during summers. With the help of cool air, we get to live comfortably without sweating at all. However, at times, our air conditioner may start acting up, causing bigger problems in the system.

One of those problems is the freezing up of the air conditioning system. Have you ever wondered what may cause the AC to freeze? Well, read this blog to find that out.

1.     Insufficient or Poor Air Flow

If this is the case, the problem may lie in your air filter.

The air conditioner is designed specifically to take the heat from our house. In this way, the hot temperature of the house is dropped instantly. However, with the poor air filter, this phenomenon won’t be able to take place properly, resulting in poor air conditioning performance.

Hence, it is important that you examine all the air vents in your home. It could be possible that there is air leakage from the sides of the grate. Also, look for blocked ducts/grates or closed dampers. 

2.     Dirty Coils

Another reason behind freezing up of your AC is the dirty coils. How dirty coil cause freezing, you may wonder. The dirty coil causes freezing because the layer of dirt present on top of the coil prevents it from absorbing water.

 In other words, your dirty coil can easily build up condensation on itself. The ice may block the proper airflow of your system. If this problem is not dealt with immediately, then the frost can easily turn into big chunks of ice.

3.     Low Refrigerant

This occurs due to the low pressure inside the AC itself. It means that there is less Freon in your system which will still expand in the same amount – the more the expansion, the cooler the temperature.

This will cause the temperature of the coil to drop below the freezing point. Therefore, when the moisture in the air will come into contact with the coil, it will cause the moisture to freeze as well. 

These are the top three reasons why your AC may begin to freeze up. Make sure that you hire a professional that could fix this issue for good.

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