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Why Is Your Heat Pump Making Loud Noises?

Why Is Your Heat Pump Making Loud Noises?

There are many homeowners out there who largely rely on heat pumps for warmth during colder months and comfort during hotter days.

 There is a good reason why it has become such a popular heating and cooling option for people. It helps you save on your utility bills, consumes less energy, and is quite efficient.

One of the many features of a heat pump unit is that it functions in a quiet mode. Since it uses electricity instead of fuel, it rarely produces any noise.

However, at some point, you may observe your heat pump making squealing, rattling, or grinding sound. Obviously, these sounds don’t originally belong to the heat pump so why is your heat pump making such noises?

Well, there could be a number of reasons. Let’s look at some of the most common reasons here.

1.     Loose Hardware in the Compressor

This may cause rattling sound which you may hear near the compressor unit. When this happens, it could be possible that there is a loose rod on your reciprocating compressor. As a result, you may experience heating or cooling loss in your house.

It could also be possible that the piping of the refrigerant is in the wrong place or there is a leak or debris accumulated in your ductwork. All of these reasons could give rise to a rattling sound.

2.     Worn Out Compressor Bearings

With time, the bearing of your AC compressor can wear down. This is often followed by a loud, banging noise.

In such a scenario, it is best for you to replace the compressor bearing as soon as possible. Ideal is to hire a professional technician for the task.

3.     Imbalanced Blower Motor

The blower wheel of your heat pump unit may become wobbly which could lead to thumping noise.

When you hear such an alarming sound, don’t ignore it. You could risk further damage to your precious heat pump.

4.     Fan Blades Acting Up

Your aged heat pump may impact the fan blades. If the fan blades hit against another metal, it may cause banging and clanging sounds.

If they are not dealt with immediately they could damage your motor or cause some other kind of damage.

These could be some of the reasons why your heat pump could be making strange noises. If you’re looking for ways to fix it, click here.