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Dirty vent hoods are responsible for several kinds of kitchen accidents. When flammable substances accumulate inside the kitchen hood, they lower the system's efficiency and affect its overall hygiene. We provide you with competent hood cleaning services at Rite Temp, competitively priced to successfully cater to unique cleaning needs. We appoint the most credible HVAC technicians to provide you with the best dryer vent cleaning and hood vent experience. We are available 24/7 to your problems and strive to provide the best solution to all your kitchen emergencies.

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What Does Vent Hood Cleaning Entail?

Hood cleaning is a laborious process involving several essential steps - from inspection, filter replacement. Grease removal, cleaning preparations, scraping and oil removal, cleaning different parts, to issuing inspection reports. Here's a glance at the steps involved in the vent hood cleaning process -

Detailed Inspection
The most crucial part of the cleaning process involves the inspection of the hood for buildups and vulnerabilities. Sometimes deposits cannot be seen from outside. You need to disassemble the parts and inspect all the hidden corners. Inspections allow technicians to detect breakages or anomalies. Dirty vent hoods may often damage certain parts of the hood, especially if you don't consider cleaning them periodically. An inspection will help you detect warning signs early so that you can get them fixed urgently.
Filter Replacement
Filters accrue buildups and pollutants from time to time. These contaminants consist of several harmful particles, from cooking oil, vapors, to flammable substances. HVAC maintenance will help you keep filters clean and breathable and improve the efficiency of your systems subsequently. Based on the requirements, technicians will decide whether to vacuum or replace the filters. It is essential to replace vent hood filters after three months or 120 hours of cooking.
Cleaning the Fans

Fans also turn dirty after a point and accumulate grease and harmful deposits. You need to remove them and clean them with the proper cleaning solution to sanitize them properly. Inspect the fans after cleaning - if you observe noises, you may have to consider additional repair services.

Grease Removal

The next step is to clean the walls of the hood and remove traces of grease. You will also need to vacuum the roof and the area adjacent to the hood to keep all surfaces spotless.

Cleaning Preparation

Before setting out to clean the equipment, you will need to make sure that all kitchen appliances are wrapped with plastic covers. It will prevent appliances from accumulating grease and other particles.


You might fail to detect warning signs initially. Internal system defects are hard to find - not until your system runs into serious trouble. Nevertheless, you can keep your eye out for subtle indications of air duct malfunctions. For instance, you can assume the air duct needs cleaning when you observe buildups around the vent surface. You can schedule maintenance and get HVAC support to vacuum inside the air duct to remove all debris clinging to the interior walls. Routine HVAC maintenance is sure to improve the overall efficiency of your equipment.

Intense Washing

The next step is to clean all the removed parts with hot water sprays to eliminate excess buildups around the corners.

Final Inspection

Once all the steps are completed, technicians will conduct a final inspection to see if anything has been left out. You will be provided with before and after images as evidence.

You will be provided with a detailed report with all essential information to record everything in writing.

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Get A Professional Vent Hood Cleaning Service | Hood Vent Cleaning

Vent hoods accommodate grease and flammable substances, which put the system at risk of fire hazards. Kitchen fires are not uncommon these days - they can incur financial losses and property damages. We improve the hood's efficiency and help you cater to the safety of your family/employees. You can speak with our customer service representative and register a complaint. We will get back to you with the required information and the estimate.

How Our Hood Vent Cleaning Experts Work

1. Generate an Estimate

We register your queries with our customer service representative to make an appointment with us. We will give you a confirmation call along with the estimate.

2. Service Call

You will hear from Rite Temp's HVAC technicians. They will contact you before arriving at your place for vent hood cleaning service.

3. Estimate

HVAC technicians at Rite Temp will inspect the vent hood cleaning system thoroughly to detect buildups and grease. Based on the finding, they will recommend a solution and provide you with an estimate.

4. Vent Hood Cleaning

Complete all the paperwork and let HVAC technicians take over. They will adhere to the safety standards and clean vent hoods with the best techniques.


We take your feedback seriously. Our team at Rite Temp continuously strives to make improvements and deliver the best quality to our customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cleaning time varies based on the complexity of the system. Our HVAC technician should be able to provide you a timeframe and an estimate. Generally speaking, the process lasts up to 5 hours to ensure all the steps are completed.

You should schedule HVAC maintenance every three months or 120 hours of cooking. However, you can increase the frequency of cleaning if your home has hairy pets, have patients with asthma or allergies, or is located in a humid location.

Air vent cleaning is a tedious affair. It would help if you made many arrangements to make the process successful. You should schedule a date when the family members won't be around. Clear the work area and wrap all appliances with plastic covers to prevent grease from damaging your property.

Vent hood cleaning help you in several ways -

  • It reduces energy costs
  • It reduces mold growth
  • It enhances the air quality
  • It increases air circulation
  • It increases HVAC life expectancy
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