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Expert Exhaust Cleaning Service

Exhaust and ventilation systems require periodic cleaning to ensure efficient results. With repeated use, exhaust systems accumulate buildups and grease, which could lead to fire accidents. You can speak with our customer service agents and register with us for an estimate. We are available 24/7 to listen to your queries and help you with cleaning emergencies.

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Our Exhaust Cleaning Services Include the Following:

Internal hood inspections
Exhaust cleaning
Fans cleaning
Grease Removal
Duct Cleaning
Installing grease containment units
Replacement of exhaust fan hinges

Why Should You Schedule Routine Exhaust Cleaning?

Routine cleaning can go a long way in catering to the safety of your family/ employees. Here are some ways kitchen exhaust cleaning can benefit you -

Prevent the Risk of Fire
Inflammable deposits on the kitchen hood are a sign of danger - you could run into serious trouble. Not only do you put your family/employees at risk, but you are compromising the health of the equipment. Enlisting HVAC specialists will help you to enhance the safety of your kitchen. While it is hard to detect early threats, you can invest in routine cleaning to eliminate anomalies with timely actions.
Improved Airflow
When an exhaust system is dirty and clogged with harmful pollutants, the airflow is also compromised. Technicians vacuum all essential parts and clean every corner to assure you quality cleaning. When your hood filter is clean and healthy, you are likely to enhance the air circulation subsequently.
Disease Control

The exhaust system accumulates mold and bacteria from time to time. A clogged ventilation system gives rise to dangerous emissions. HVAC maintenance services help you to keep the vent clean and breathable, eliminating the spread of disease-producing bacteria.

Compliance With Local/National Code

Professional exhaust cleaning service guarantees quality assurance so that you can subscribe to the local or national safety code successfully. It is essential to pass safety inspections to avoid any legal hassles. HVAC cleaning will help you comply with all local and national safety codes to help your business thrive.

NFPA Compliant Cleaning

Cleaning ventilation with DIY methods cannot always assure quality cleaning. When you enlist a professional technician for HVAC maintenance, you are signing up for NFPA compliant services. You are provided with the highest quality solution that guarantees 100% client satisfaction.


Kitchen exhaust systems can last up to 15 years with routine HVAC maintenance. When you invest in exhaust cleaning services, you are minimizing the risk of breakages. With timely repair and periodic maintenance, you are sure to add years to the exhaust system’s life.

Some Useful Guidelines For Exhaust Cleaning Rite Temp NYC HVAC

Some Useful Guidelines for Exhaust Cleaning

Exhaust cleaning is an arduous task that requires expert guidance. It would help if you learned about the best safety practices to make the most of your cleaning efforts. Here are some guidelines that will help you improve your exhaust cleaning

  • Disassemble the exhaust system with proper equipment
  • Place all the equipment parts inside the sink
  • Prepare the cleaning solution with the right ingredients: ethanol, soap, and other necessary items.
  • Clean individual pieces with the cleaning solution - use scrapers and brushes to reach out to all essential parts.
  • Remove grease from the filters and put them out to dry
  • Reassemble all the exhaust parts and install the system using appropriate equipment

Kitchen hoods are always at risk of attracting grease and combustible substances. Sometimes you cannot clean these hoods with DIY approaches, for it is easy to miss hidden corners of the hood. With expert HVAC services, you have assured 100% service satisfaction. Technicians are equipped with the right tools to perform in-depth inspections to provide you with the best cleaning solution. You are provided with before and after images to validate the quality of work.

How We Work

1. Call us for an Estimate

Contact us to generate an estimate. We will connect you in touch with the customer service representative to register your queries.

2. Confirmation Call

Our HVAC technicians will dial you before arriving at your place for the scheduled service.

3. Inspection

Our technicians will inspect the exhaust system in detail to detect any defects or buildups– they will discuss the solution and inform you about subsequent procedures.

4. Exhaust System Repair and Maintenance

Complete all your formalities, and we will arrive on the confirmed date to clean and repair the exhaust system.


We take our customers’ comments seriously and strive to make improvements continuously.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Standard HVAC systems last 10-15 years, depending on how you handle your systems. To keep systems healthy and strong, you are recommended to schedule inspections and eliminate all blockages. If you can detect anomalies at an early stage, you can attend to all emergencies to avoid catastrophic hazards. Adhere to the best HVAC maintenance practices to comply with the national safety code.

An exhaust system needs routine care and maintenance. You will have to schedule maintenance at least twice a year to ensure efficient operations.

Air filters get dirty after some time. Filters become worn out and accrue buildups. You need to get filters cleaned by a professional or replace them once a month to keep the system healthy and efficient.

HVAC professionals have the right gears to inspect internal defects. Based on their finding, they will provide you with information about HVAC replacements. Often exhaust system problems are minor - DIY repairs should be able to fix them. However, advanced issues require expert intervention - your technicians can guide you through the procedure after thorough inspections. You can register with us to get your equipment sized according to your requirements.

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