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5 Tips for Commercial Chiller Maintenance

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5 Tips for Commercial Chiller Maintenance

Chillers constitute for a dominant portion of a plant’s overall electric load. However, due to leaking coolant and damaged tubes, those costs can go up significantly. Chillers that perform at optimal efficiency levels not only save energy costs, but they also reduce maintenance charges. 

In order to optimize the performance of your chiller and save money, consider taking the following steps.


Heat transfer has a deep impact upon the functioning of your chiller. In order to maintain high efficiency, the heat transfer must be clean. The performance of your chiller might be affected due to contaminants such as mud and algae. Approach temperature indicates the amount of heat transfer. The greater the approach temperature, the lower is the heat transfer. The condenser must be cleaned with a brush on an annual basis or depending upon the need. 


To get rid of scale and corrosion, the loops require some form of water treatment since they use open cooling sources. Corrosion, scale, and biological growths lead to poor heat transfer and poor functioning of the effectives of the piping and tube. Chilled water loops must be inspected on an annual basis with remote monitoring. This practice helps in determining general water quality and in figuring out the presence of corrosion.


To improve the efficiency of the chiller, reduce the water temperature of the entering condenser. Sometimes, the operators reduce the chilled water set point in order to deal with various deficiencies such as dirty coils. Doing this might cure the symptom, but the problem will still persist. It pushes the chiller to work harder to produce the same cooling effect.


A significant amount of the electrical load goes into the motor of the chiller. Variable speed drives along with the right working conditions, energy can be saved to a greater extant. Variable motor speed works perfectly with motor efficiency and as a result less amount of energy is consumed. Variable speed also slows down the inrush of current to the motors. This is an important factor to consider, just in case the chillers are working on generators. 


Analyzing the quality of the lubrication oil is of vital importance, when it comes to chiller maintenance. Once a year send a sample of the oil that you use to a lab for testing. The oil should only be changed if the reports of the test suggest.  High level of moisture might point in the direction of a problem with the purge unit. The oil filters must be checked on a regular basis. They must be replaced if the oil charge is replaced. The new magnetic bearing chillers are different from the traditional chillers. They not have oil in their design, to begin with. This helps in saving money and time that is spent on replacement and repairs. 

The above mentioned tips will help you keep your chiller functioning perfectly, and also save you money in the long run.

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